Meet Our Instructors

Denise Pascucci

Denise was first introduced to yoga 18 years ago in New York City. Since then she has made it her passion to introduce as many people as possible to this life preserving practice. Drawn by the physical aspect, Denise quickly discovered the hidden spiritual side. "Yoga has so many forms. The physical practice can be more or less important and emphasized, but how yoga affects your spirit and place in the world is what makes a difference to you and others."

Denise is an avid Hot Yoga practioner, believing in the detoxifying powers of heat and breath. She teaches challenging hot power and vinyasa classes at Yoga @ Chester Springs.

Denise is 200 & 500 hour certified and the owner of Yoga @ Chester Springs and the Summit Fitness Club in Chester Springs.

Mary Booth

Mary Booth, B.S.Ed, M.Ed, Registered Yoga Teacher(2002), Certified Thai-Yoga Body Worker (2006), Reiki I and II Practitioner (2008), Certified Health Coach (2016) has been teaching yoga in the Chester Springs area since 2001. She specializes in Vinyasa flow with a strong emphasis on alignment. Her style is bright, energetic, and soulful. Career highlight includes working as a yoga instructor for the Philadelphia Flyers Organization from 2008-2011.

Recently, Mary earned a certification as a Health Coach from the Health Coach Institute. She works with people interested in reawakening their commitment to healthy eating and vibrant living without deprivation dieting or militant exercise.

In her leisure, Mary enjoys nature, gardening, traveling, reading, art, and spending time with her pets. She also enjoys researching Ayurvedic doshas and the principals of Feng Shui.

Additionally, Mary is a Thai-Yoga body worker. She received her
certification from Michael Buck, a master in the field, in 2007 and 2010. Thai -Yoga body work is known to many as “Thai massage”. It is an interactive manipulation of the body using passive stretching and firm, but gentle pressure along the energy channels of the body.
Mary is also the yoga instructor for the Philadelphia Flyers. She has been with the Flyers Organization since 2008. Mary works with the team during the pre-season (July-September) providing them with the cross-training benefits of yoga and Thai-Yoga body work.
Currently Mary teaches four classes at Yoga @ Chester Springs in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania.


Tessa Orlyk Hill

Tessa came to her practice in 2001. She received her RYT-200 certification in Stationary Series and Vinyasa Flow at Yoga Power and Light Studio in Downingtown, PA in 2012. As a yoga instructor, she hopes to facilitate self-healing in others with her enthusiasm, patience, and sense of humor. Her goal is to help make a regular yoga practice sustainable and accessible for everyone. "It's important to start where you are in this moment and let your practice evolve naturally and gradually." She loves teaching as an outlet for sharing her creativity and eclectic taste in music... and is delighted to observe as her students have thier own experience of yoga.

"My practice has made me feel more human... in a world where we can be driven to strive for super-fast, super-sized, robotic perfectionism! How can i not want to share this with others?"

Christa Carlson

Christa is a registered Yoga Instructor with a talent for motivating students with enthusiasm and encouragement. Challenging students to listen to their own bodies taking the poses to their edge or backing off a bit depending on what their body is telling them in each moment. She always offers great modifications too!

Julie White

Julie has been teaching for over 10 years. She brings an amazing level of energy and excitement to each class. Julie is certified in s PiYo. Zumba is her true passion, but Julie enjoys teaching several other class formats as well. She loves helping the wonderful members at Yoga @ Chester Springs achieve their fitness goals and strongly believes that the “fitness factor” and the “fun factor” go hand in hand!

Lynn Napoletano

Lynn is a fully certified Pilates instructor who believes that Pilates is the ultimate form of exercise to help strengthen, lengthen and tone the body and is also an invaluable tool to assist during rehabilitation.

Her passion is to get people to feel better and to get them to do activities they think are beyond them.




Cecilia is a classically trained ballet dancer and teacher who began her training at the young age of 8 years old. Through the years, she has studied at various renowned dance academies such as The Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia, The Kirov Academy in Maryland, and Master Ballet Academy in Arizona. Throughout her dancing career, she not only gained knowledge about ballet technique, she also developed a thorough understand of the body and muscles, injury prevention/care, and various methods of both stretching and strengthening the body. Ready to pass all the information forward that she had studied for so long, Cecilia happily began teaching ballet and body conditioning in 2015 and is excited to be teaching a Barre Fitness class that combines her love of both dance and fitness into one challenging workout.


I’m a certified United States Powerlifting coach, and have been personal training for 2 years. I coach varsity sports at my alma mater, Delaware Valley Friends School. I’m the head coach for the Varsity Girls Soccer Team, the assistant coach for the Boys Varsity Basketball Team, and the head coach for the Varsity Boys Lacrosse Team. I’ve done a lot of work with athletes as well as clients starting from the youngest population to the oldest. I’m also, currently, studying for my CSCS. The CSCS stands for Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.